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Build your own Visitation Booth, or "Pod". Here are basic instructions for how to construct your own structures. Download includes: skematics, dimentions, basic instruction, materials list, and a welcome video : ) 


For consulting and troubleshooting contact Chris or Sheila at: 


As a courtsey, one 15 minute consultation (via phone or texting time) is FREE, however the fee to help walk through a build and/or manage project is $65 per hour after inital consultation - PLEASE pass this info onto your builders! : )


We are VERY happy to help and facilitate- and if you need any additional services (such as finding vendors and material procurement (even outside of Gulf Coast) we are here to help see the project through and bring folks together!


BUILDER'S PACK - Visitation Booth Pod Plans

  • Builder's delight! Here are the plans to build and protect your own community's loved ones! Stay safe, stay sane, and stay optimistic! Thank you for all your hard work. Let us know if we can help!

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